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Hiller's Pine Haven
7992 Patton Road
St Germain WI 54558

Snowmobile Trails & Snow Conditions

 Vilas County Trails are open, Oneida County is closed. 

St. Germain trails on closed gravel roadsBo Boen trail Eagle River trail 7

December 17,  2014 update. 

Ok, I have a little better handle on trail conditions.   Riding in the area today, I checked out the Sayner, Eagle River, and some more St. Germain trails.    Sayner and Eagle River had not groomed the trails I rode on after the last 5" snowfall, but they had groomed during all the big snows in November.   Sayner and Eagle River trails were not  as smooth as St. Germain.  Boulder Junction, St. Germain, Conover groomed since the last snowfall.   Land O Lakes is grooming soon.   The base has a tad icy feel to it, but theres enough fresh snow on them for cooling your heat exchangers.   There's a little more scraping going on with the carbides on their trails.      I Rode around the St. Germain trails and I was pleasantly surprised.   The 5" of snow combined with some rain settled into a decent base.   It's flat and thin around the Bo Boen trails but very rideable.    I scraped carbides a few times on the trails, but the majority of it was fun to ride on.   The trails on plowed roads are definately thin, but I was surprised the roads came back to being rideable.  Of course the tight twisty areas are much thinner, and the closed gravel roads turned into winter trails are really good.      I really give St. Germain credit for panning , it worked.    The marsh trail behind Sportsman's Chalet has not froze up yet, so you need to reroute past Twighlite Tavern if you're heading past Sportsman's.   It's a good reroute, and gets you were you need to go.   

Trail pressure is extremely low.    The base refroze and you can feel it's  a tad icy, but not much too complain about.  The corners are fine, there's no one out there to blow them out anyhow.   

Several of the lakes are being marked including Star, Big Arbor Vitae, Little Arbor Vitae and Pickeral Lake.   I'm finding 9-11" of ice on average.  There's about 3-5" of snow on top of the lakes right now.  There's no slush I could find on any lakes today.  

I need to get out and ride a few more of the other clubs trails, and I will try to do that as much as possible.   

Bottom line:   It's early season and a mixed bag.   I'm saying 50% fair 40% good with some poor spots and really good spots mixed in.    We still need some serious snow dancing.  And, it worked once before back in 2013:   C'mon Mark and Jeani, Keep on Dooin' the Dance!


This map is courtesy of http://www.johndee.com   

2014 Weather Facts

November Snowfall: 32.4 inches
2014-2015 Snow Total: 35.1 inches
December Snowfall: 2.0 inches
Snow Depth: 6-8 inches
2014-2015 Snow Total: 37.1 inches

Fun Weather Facts from 2013

THE COLDEST WINTER IN RECORDED HISTORY. The daily average was  4.7 degrees 


Downhill Ski and Snow Board Report


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