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Hiller's Pine Haven
7992 Patton Road
St Germain WI 54558

Snowmobile Trails & Snow Conditions

February 7, 2016

It's cold and trails are groomed again.

I took a rip around the East and North Side of St. Germain Saturday.    All of these photos are from 4 pm'ish on the busiest day of the week..... and it was a busy weekend.   If the trails can hold up this well, I'm pretty impressed.   Granted, there's plenty of well worn main corridors near downtown areas, or on the same cow path everyone uses to get to one destination, but if you move around, there is some really good riding.   I'll be changing my ranking system to percentages of poor through excellent again to help gain some understanding of how decent the trails became again.   The trails have been groomed enough that the base is very flat.   There's ice under the snow base on the thin areas which is great.  I'd rather feel ice on my carbides than dirt.  Those main corridors in tight twisty areas are scraped on the corners with lots of snirt, but there's plenty of white flat trails to be riding on too.

15% Fair
75% Good
10% Very Good

After measuring ice every few days on Little St. Germain we are making ice daily on Little Saint.   With up to 15" of ice on the marked trails and the Radar Run area, I've felt comfortable putting my truck on the lake, and using tractors and drags to groom the Radar Run area.  Common sense advice though:   Most area lake trails are marked, and stay on those marked areas.        There are several good areas for ice fishing, just ask - test - follow advice before wandering around on a lake.  

       Keep Doo'n the Dance.  





This map is courtesy of http://www.johndee.com   

November Snowfall: 4.5 inches
December Snowfall: 12.3 inches
January Snowfall: 4.8 inches
February Snowfall: 6.0 inches
Snow Depth: 12.0 inches
2015-2016 Snow Total: 27.6 inches



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